Virtual & In-Person Celtic Fiddle Performances and Mentoring

Over the past forty years as a music educator, professional player and music & cultural story in high-demand, I can help you transform the way you approach public speaking so you learn to love it and truly excel at it! 

Every fiddle player needs a fiddle mentor. 

Here are a few reasons why:

Because it's hard to know how you're really doing. Your fellow musicians and loved ones can give you feedback, but often it's conflicting feedback; or it's feedback that's not grounded in what really works in a Celtic music session; OR they care about you too much to tell you the awkward truth. 

Because when you've practised and practised your tunes and it isn't feeling quite right, it's hard to know what to fix because you're simply too close to the music. This is a scary place to be—especially alone—because when you don't know how make your playing better, your mind goes bonkers with your worst fears of bombing in a Celtic music session.

Because many of my clients have played a musical instrument and yet to have experienced fun in their playing—it's not something they ever thought possible but they want to join in a Celtic music session—and they feel totally out of their element (despite being impressively accomplished in other areas of their lives).

Can you relate?

“Colin finds the weak spots and helps pupils to overcome them. He works on their motivation and confidence. Colin's lessons and sessions are great fun and resound with laughter whilst the learning takes a quantum leap.”

Claire Hurst, UK

Which type of fiddle mentoring is right for you? 

You live anywhere in the world and want to work together. 


You are interested in attending a Celtic Fiddle Retreat and want to work together.

Are you ready to put an end to the nervous anticipation, dread, and frenzy of learning Celtic fiddle tunes by ear through playing from the heart?